A painful intersection of technology and Daddyland

After five years of baby and toddler carrying, my arm hurts.  I think I wrote about this long ago, and I hoped it would be better by now, but my three year old still wants to be held and to climb up my shoulder when he gets shy.  And while I could stop it, I’m sure, I don’t want to, both for my son’s sake and for my own, even if my left arm feels limp and useless except when I reach up to pick him up when it magically does not hurt.

Go figure.  Must be a parent thing.

Anyway, the arm was manageable – and I will stop carrying him at some point – until I got a smartphone.  It turns out that I hold the smartphone at an angle that matches my child-carrying one.

So after I have checked my e-mail or surfed the web or texted someone, my arm hurts even more than it does when carrying Baby B.

Maybe it’s a message to disconnect …


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