One of the crowd in a California playground

I feel special in Sweden.  I also often feel alone at the park or in the preschool dressing room.  But I also feel special.  I hug my kids a little more, am a little louder, don’t make them wear their snowsuit every afternoon, swing them in big circles and talk both to them and to myself as I hunt for the lost mitten (and there is always a lost  mitten).

We went to a park today here in northern California.  And it was filled with dads.  And it was filled Americans.  And, even though this happens every time we come to California, or I hang out with American dads in Sweden, it dawned on me that I am not special at all.

I mean, I’m sure I’m special and unique and will get a trophy at some point.  But  it is a good reminder to see all these guys taking care of their kids, to see all these parents talking like I do and playing like I do.

It’s not that American parenting is better.  It’s not.  It’s not worse either.

And it is both good and bad to feel part of the crowd.

It was good today.


One thought on “One of the crowd in a California playground

  1. Here is a cool american dad blogger I thought you might like, he is even on pinterest! Hows that for embracing a rather feminine domain? Which is by the way, the key to being a rock star parent- you can find a mind blowing number of activities to do with kids over there.

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