Finally, a funny co-sleeping video. By Dads too.

We still co-sleep, first with one kid, who comes in herself, and then, later, with the second kid, who I have to go get and carry in.  We believe strongly in this, that it is right for our children and right for us as parents.

Yet, despite that, it often, well, ummm, sucks.  So bad.

Over at How To Be A Dad, they’ve been putting out priceless graphics on the horrors of co-sleeping.  What I love about this is the acceptance of co-sleeping as the norm, so much that they can poke fun at it without getting all caught up in the parenting sleep wars.

Plus, they are funny.

And now they have a video:


Video: The Backyardigans are cool. Especially when they surf.

We used to watch the Backyardigans every night for our brief “afternoon TV.”  Sadly no more.  Because I loved the Backyardigans.  Great music. Great genres. Great boy and girl characters.

I really loved the surf episode with the Afrobeat music. It made me cry once with longing for California.

There are, like, four great songs in the episode, dude. But this, dude, is a good choice on a rainy, icy, overcast day in Sweden.

Dude. (And, yes, I really used to say dude this much.)