a dora the explorer revelation

Before last week, I had watched a Dora the Explorer episode once.  It was in a rooming house room in Port Jervis on our return trip last fall.  We loved being in town for the afternoon, and had dinner with the old neighbors, and saw that the new owners of our star-crossed house had killed the Japanese maple we planted when our daughter was born (they replaced it with a giant blue lighthouse).  Then we realized we had made a horrible mistake in staying the night.  Everything closed in on us, we turned on the TV for a moment, and there was Dora, chirpy and somehow stationary and jumping over a big rock.

So I did not like Dora the Explorer.  Seemed cheap and repetitive and annoying.

I now apologize to Dora.  In English, Spanish and Swedish.

In despair over the crap cartoons on the state kids channel, I went searching online for English stuff, including, out of some desperation, Dora.

We did not find the English version, but we did find the Swedish version.  And then it hit me.  Dora is a bilingual little girl on adventures.  I have a little girl who is often on adventures.

I even liked the Swedish version a lot, because the other language is English (This leads to a slightly strange world view in which everyone with a Hispanic-sounding name speaks accentless English).  And my toddler also speaks English and Swedish.

Sadly, there are only two episodes online, and we are not about to sign up for Swedish Nickelodeon just for Dora.

But we can ask for Dora DVDs for Christmas …