a new friend out the window in the Swedish spring

The hare out the window

Died on a rock two winters ago

This spring, a new one


watching rabbits jump high

I took NK to a pet show, and after the dogs, the puppies, the snakes, the goats and the sheep, we ended up near the rabbits.

And there, in a small, almost-parody of the dog agility course, was the rabbit jumping course.  And NK climbed right up on a bench and refused to move.   So, bowing to the fates and the power of the toddler will, I spent part of my life watching rabbits jump, or fail to jump, over fences.

The rabbits had ups, mind you.  Impressive leaps.  Just sitting there, then BOOM, over the fence.

The sitting was the problem.  Most had to be coaxed from obstacle to obstacle, many never finished.  The whole thing lacked, ummm, drama.  I’m just not sure rabbits are up for it.  I saw one shaking uncontrollably after it failed to get through half the course.

Still, NK and I clapped for all the rabbits.  Most of the owners were teenage girls, as stoic as their rabbits, showing no sign of triumph or defeat.

We moved on, back to the puppies or the baby goats.

Then I came home  and E told me that she jumped rabbits as a kid.  Never competitively, but she and her siblings set up elaborate courses for their rabbits (she grew up on a farm).  Her rabbit was not very good, she said.

Then I did a Google search, and I discovered that Sweden is the birthplace and hotbed of rabbit show jumping.  It started here in the late 1970’s and there are  more than 50 clubs throughout Scandinavia.

And all I can think that there is a Will Ferrell movie in this somewhere.