No Disney princesses allowed in Daddyland

I copied this off a Facebook feed. The original has almost 7,000 comments and 34,460 “likes.”



The comments I read were pretty skeptical actually.  Especially from women who grew up idolizing these princesses and said they turned out all right.

I guess I see it this way.  Disney princesses are a bad influence.  But they are only one influence.  So even if you are princess-crazed, you could easily turn out to be a strong, independent woman.

But, still, you could smoke all your life and not get cancer.  Why risk it?

It’s all about patriarchy …

We are not immune either.  My daughter is princess-crazed, though we try – along with a lot of Swedes – to subvert it into something strong and adventurous.

Still, no Disney movies for a long while.


One thought on “No Disney princesses allowed in Daddyland

  1. Disney movies tend to be awful, anyway. Someone important always dies tragically (is there any other way to die, really?), and there’s generally a scary villain. Not to mention that princess movies are quite boring.

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