Singing the 12 Days of Christmas over and over and over

Last year I wrote a post about how my kids love the song, The 12 Days of Christmas.

Well, now we have two book versions.  So sometimes I sing it twice while we read and then again as they go to sleep.

Save me.

But the real funny part of my post was a link to a Faster Times analysis of the song by Oliver Miller. An excerpt:

Five Golden Rings: “FIIIII-VE GOOOL-DENNNN RINGS.”  You know why we shout this part of the song?  Because this is the only good present out of the whole bunch.  …The next day at the bar, someone’s like, “So, what’d you get?”  And you’re like:  “A bunch of golden rings.  Which was pretty awesome.  And then” you stare down at the surface of the bar and start mumbling “…some birds or something.”

Next, as twilight starts to fall, you resume your lonely drinking — calculating how much longer you can avoid going back to your horrible, hen-and-dove-infested apartment.  Should you pawn the golden rings to pay for birdseed? Use them to make a down-payment on a second apartment?  Outside, the darkness gathers; but you shake your head, unable to decide what to do…  Grade: B-minus


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