I like princesses who wake up in the night and take on trolls and wolves

There is a cool post at DadWagon about the ability of a princess-obsessed girl to spot a princess at 300 meters in a crowded subway station.

I have a girl like that too.  Despite all best efforts to the contrary, my daughter loves princesses and pink.

Contrary to popular opinion, this is not biologically predetermined.  I just lost the battle against society and her friends at preschool.

From The Telegraph:

Academics believe the findings suggest that babies are not biologically programmed to prefer particular colours, nor do they start to like them from a very early age.

Instead, toddlers become “gender detectives” and as soon as they can understand whether they are either a boy or a girl, they look for ways to conform to the appropriate stereotype.

However, while Sweden is filled with ever more pink and princesses, there is a counter-movement that we like.  They are best exemplified by books from XXXXX, in which princesses take on trolls, wolves and join rock bands, all with a very nice mix of bravery and working together.

And that’s how we are coping, by allowing the princess phase to take its course.  We don’t want to fight it out of fear of reinforcing it ever more deeply.  So I never say her imaginary princesses are beautiful.  They are always strong and creative.

And I still hope she outgrows it.


2 thoughts on “I like princesses who wake up in the night and take on trolls and wolves

  1. I have a 19 month-old daughter that seems to be arriving at this destination very quickly. And, like you, instead of trying to fight it, I’d like to work with it so that she can be strong and confident.

    Do you know if any of these books have been translated into English?

    Thanks for the blog, you’re my hero!

  2. Sadly, I don’t think these have been translated. They are even still a little underground in Sweden, which is trending more “American” all the time, even with these counter currents.

    But maybe there are some similar books in English. A good thing to research …

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