Step counters, Swedish work ethic and game theory

I always hated game theory.  For me, in this mobile age, it conjured up images of people wandering around coffee shops looking for flying widgets to collect fake points to add to their Farmville score.

This was not for me.

Then I joined the step competition.  It was through work.  I thought I would do my part, and do well, because I walk so much during the day, back and forth to preschool, riding my bike to work, and more.

But then in the first few days I got crushed.  If you want a reason why little Sweden is so successful – in innovation, in fiscal responsibility, in taking care of its society – you would do well to see all these Lutheran-driven Swedes with step counters out there apparently walking through the night and day to pile up huge numbers.

My daily grind eventually served me well, and I did fine.  But I also held up my daily level even on days when I did not have to.  There I was hopping on our step machine or doing stretches on weekends and days when E picked up the kids.

And I realized that I would love to play games on calorie intake or how much screen time my kids get or how many pages I can write at night.

We really are not in control, are we?



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