Missing the Nightwatchman because I was never up at night

This is what happens when you are in Daddyland with two small kids who got up before 5am for months at a time meaning you go to bed about 8pm and listen almost exclusively to nursery rhymes.  Now, nursery rhymes are pretty cool and catchy, especially if you broaden your repertoir to songs like I’ve Been Working On The Railroad and Oh, Susanna.

But, still, in that haze, you miss the fact that Tom Morello, the guitarist for one of your favorite bands, has been doing some awesomely political alt-folk solo act called The Nightwatchman for four years and you missed it completely.

It’s not Rage Against the Machine, but it fits the political moment, especially with Occupy Wall Street finally showing that the US has some progressive spark left in shattered foundations of the welfare state.

This is The Road I Must Travel:


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