Returning to Daddyland as Sweden falls dark

I’m back in Daddyland.  Well, I never left my real Daddyland, that world of the preschool drop off and pick up, of the part-time work, of the increasing commitment at work, of paternity leave fading into the rear view mirror of my tricked out stroller (Ahh, I wish…).

This day to day Daddyland is also a place of five week winter breaks, ten week summer vacation and four weeks more of winter holiday coming up (we were thrifty with our parental leave days and they are good until the kids are 8).  It is a place of six-hour work days, lots of time in the sand box, and the joy of a cottage in the country with a yard filled with strawberries, wild strawberries, raspberries, cherries, gooseberries and apples, not to mention the blueberries covering the forest floor.

But now I am back in this virtual Daddyland, to go with my real Daddyland.  I’ve been busy writing a book proposal, which I will post parts of, and have gone all political on masculinity, fatherhood, Occupy Wall Street, journalism and democracy and the yawning economic and social horror of the U.S., a place I want to move back to someday but only if my kids have a future beyond fast food and debt.

Yes, I am still addicted to socialism, except now that I’m back at work at my techie day job, I’ve also got these techie, business phrases for it now – how my time in the sandbox made me more innovative, more creative – exactly the skills we need in the already-here, turning out scary digital age.

But I’m also tired of just writing all day at work and writing all evening at home.  So maybe I’ll actually post more photos, links, music.  And I’ve still got those kids, with every day built around them (we have been crafting a lot lately … yes, crafting, and I am not a crafter, though I may give Martha Stewart a run for her money after this winter is over).

Then there is the challenge, ripe for justified moaning, of living in shy, sweet, reserved, sort of awkward Sweden through the brutal winter dark.

Oh, and I’m on Twitter now too.  And you can “subscribe” to me on Facebook.

Now if only my daughter will stay asleep long enough for me to finally post this …


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