diving deeper into daddyland

I have decided to delve deeper into the questions of Daddyland.  So I’ve been reading books and brainstorming and doing radio interviews on football and reading books on family life, feminism and masculinity in America.

But I’m not going to write about any of that here yet.  I’m going to focus on a book proposal, and I’ve found that even thinking about short posts or posting photos was too distracting.  Add in my day job, and I just don’t have the space to blog.

I do expect to be back.  Writing this blog dragged me back into a writing life and gave me a voice and a topic to grab hold of.  I like writing each day, and the old newspaper reporter in me likes addressing a subject little by little.  And now it is hard to stop.  I have to stop myself from writing down post ideas as I read books or see things like the conservative Swedish government using its family leave policies as a reason for the country’s thriving economy.

I may post parts of the book proposal here as they get written, looking for feedback and trying to build a little buzz.

This blog has also meant a tremendous amount to me personally, as an expat, as a writer, as a father on paternity leave.  Every comment meant the world, even if I did not have time to respond like I wanted.  Thank you to all my readers.


2 thoughts on “diving deeper into daddyland

  1. Best wishes! I will miss your blog, it was fun to read the thoughts from someone else who left the USA under the same circumstances as me- just starting a family, who just missed the collapse of the american economy to escape to stable, family friendly Sweden. I am sure if you do your work on this topic you will get a book deal , the timing is right. And I hope when it happens that hairy 70’s viking you posted graces the cover!

  2. Man, I can’t believe I just stumbled across this blog and you’re leaving! Just moved here so hopefully the archives will keep me going awhile – good luck!

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