leaving daddyland for a month of sunlight in the homeland

We are in Chicago right now, loving the bright sun despite the bitter wind, kicking off four weeks of vacation here and San Francisco.

I will not be blogging while in the states.  On these trips, I end up going to bed at like 6:30 pm right after my jet lagged kids, not writing on my computer.

And when we come back, I’m not going to blog in the same way either.  I feel like this fall was the end of an era in Daddyland, as I transitioned back to work, as my boy got bigger and started to talk and laugh when he recites all his friends names.  I’ll still work part-time in the spring.  Nothing is going to outwardly change, I think.  But it still feels different, like we have a kid and a toddler now, not a toddler and a baby.

I’m also going to work on a book proposal based on my Slate essay, more or less.  So I need to go deeper into this whole masculinity thing, not daily.  I need to push myself on it, and that doesn’t happen in 25 minutes on a Tuesday night.

I still want to blog, but I’m thinking it will be more photos, snippets of the book proposal, even a haiku thrown in here or there.

Anyway, happy holidays and see you in mid-January.


One thought on “leaving daddyland for a month of sunlight in the homeland

  1. När kommer du tillbaka? Saknar dina inlägg!

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