the sounds of open preschool in stockholm from another American in daddyland

There is a new sheriff in Daddyland, so to speak.  As I look back wistfully from my office (note to bosses – I mean this figuratively), Gabe Stein has gone on paternity leave and started to blog about it.

Gabe – also an American – is taking a much more systematic and multimedia approach to the whole venture, complete with videos, interviews with Swedish officials and plans for interviews with real Swedish dads on paternity leave.

But the post that most got me is this one, where Gabe recorded the sounds of an open preschool, the usually municipally funded play areas where I have spend many, many days of my life.  There is a piece of the post below, but the real cool part is the audio file, which took me right back to, say, March, when Baby B was still a baby and I was packing snack bags and taking my daily nap …

From the post:

Open Daycare is free. It’s targeted to small kids who haven’t yet started real daycare. The goal is to create the most stimulating and fun environment for the children, while offering parents a place to connect with their peers. Open Daycare operates on a drop-in basis, with no registering …

The first Open Daycare opened in 1972. In 1991, there were over 1,600 Open Daycares in Sweden. The number has come down drastically since then. In 2004, there were less than 500.


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