a dadlabs roundtable on paternity leave in sweden

Back in 2008, DadLabs came to Stockholm and did the most comprehensive take I’ve yet seen on the Swedish system.  Here in the final one I will link to, some British and American journalists chat about their take on the Swedish parental leave system. Nothing new, really, but it’s always good to get that outside view, as I have made my life as a parent in Sweden seem totally normal.

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/gvhKwO4lAg%2Em4v%5D

The DadLabs crew also got into Swedish strollers and did a Baby Bjorn thing. I’ve been talking to a pregnant colleague about strollers here, actually, and it has become ever more a lifestyle choice, like buying a car. They even seem to market strollers with pictures of guys in outdoors gear, like they’re going fishing with the baby – talk about child oriented masculinity in Daddyland! We, however, are out of the stroller market, as we run our sturdy Emma Ljunga and sportier Phil & Ted’s strollers into the ground.


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