would you give your kids the master bedroom? we are.

I write twice a month for a blog on parenting and relationships at YourTango.com.

Here is my latest post.  It’s about compact living, and how, in yet another attempt to make our tiny apartment work for a family of four, we have decided to give the kids the master bedroom and move into the tiny, closet-like second bedroom.  Here is an excerpt:

“After years of creating spaces for first our daughter, and then our son, this is about us. We need our own room, a place with no cribs or child beds or towers of chewed-on children’s books, a place where we can lay at night and read, where we can actually fall asleep together.

So we are giving up the big bedroom. It seems a little counterintuitive, but by squeezing our bed into the closet-like second bedroom, it’s giving us an outside shot at an adult space.

We’ve both felt the need for this growing, the months and years of co-sleeping and doubling down on our economical small space slowly building up. Both kids are in daycare now, and I have started work after nine months of paternity leave, while my wife is in school and working. With one parent always home on parental leave, it made for a slower-paced life, which worked well to ground us.  Now we have a busy family calendar, and no touchstone. We miss each other more.

Of course, the kids miss us more, too. We’re not suddenly changing our parenting philosophy. Yes, we’re going to get the children to fall asleep in their own beds. But by morning, we fully expect them to have crept into the big bed in our tiny room.”

You can read the rest of the post here.


2 thoughts on “would you give your kids the master bedroom? we are.

  1. how did this work? we are a family of 5 with 3 bedrooms. I think our 2 + 7 yr old daughter need to share. Hey they will want the private bath one day right?

  2. We actually haven’t made the final switch yet. But the kids seem to be warming up to the half solution we’ve got right now. Plus, my wife strung up curtains around each bed for a sense of privacy, and that was a HUGE hit. So I’m hopeful …

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