the last days of daddyland

I am going back to work on September 1, which means Baby B will start daycare.

So you would think I would have much to write about here – the end of daddyland, so to speak (this is not true, really, since I’ll be working part-time and taking longer summers and, according to studies, I’ll be closer to my kids because of paternity leave, but still, it will never be all day every day again).

But sometime in the middle of the summer, I decided that I just wanted to live the last days.  Up in the country, I also wanted a vacation from the computer and writing,  but, now, I just don’t have it in me to write.

I’m not quitting the blog – I will be back in September.  I will surely recap the summer and these last days and the “in schooling” at daycare.  There will be also be my reentry into the working world.

I also think I’ll change focus, and make it a little more freeform about parenting, Sweden, politics and so on.

I’m off to nap with my son.


One thought on “the last days of daddyland

  1. Hello Nathan

    I hope you don’t mind my contacting you via your blog. I’m a London based journalist writing a book for Random House (to be published next spring) on modern parenthood. I’m particularly interested in hearing from mothers and fathers about the experience of bringing up children in countries where shared parenting is actively encouraged. I’d love to fill you in a little more on what I’m doing and find out if you are willing to speak to me. If you could drop me a line with your email address or a contact number I’d be very grateful.

    Best wishes


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