learning the secrets of baby sleep the hard way

Living in Sweden, I do not have access to baby books.  Usually I do not think this is a problem at all.  I do not think much of baby books.

But I just found an excellent post on Parentsask.com about baby sleep by Elizabeth Pantley, the author of the very popular No-Cry Sleep Solution.

She lists six things important to know about baby sleep.   I knew all of them, though not because I read a book.  Nope, we picked up on them through painful experience.

Oh, so the kids do sleep better with a 6pm bedtime, even if that seems crazy early.

Oh, the baby might need that last 30 minutes of a 2 hour and 45 minute nap or he’ll be a mess all day.

Oh, the baby does need the white noise all night.  Maybe I shouldn’t try to break that habit in a cottage in the Swedish forest in the summer when it never gets dark and the kid sleeps more lightly anyway.

Now I’m the expert, but a lot of good that will do me when the kid is pointing at the stroller wanting to go for a walk at 4:30 tomorrow morning.


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