sweden’s royal wedding and a magic fifth anniversary

I wrote two Sweden-related things outside of Daddyland this week.

First, my wife and I celebrated our fifth anniversary with a magic day in Stockholm:

The day stretched out before us, longer than we could really understand. It was just the two of us, no kids, for the first time since our second child was born. It was also our fifth anniversary, and the day before the Crown Princess of Sweden was to be married.

So we wandered around the appropriately-titled “LOVE Festival” down in Stockholm’s Old Town, eating ice cream, relaxing in the sun and cutting ourselves off every time we started talking about the kids.

We’ve had a busy five years.

Read the rest of the post here.

Personal warmth aside, the royal wedding turned me off on a deeper, political level.  I explored this at The Faster Times:

But the most interesting news out of the wedding came over its definition, whether the wedding was, in fact, news or entertainment.  Three of the world’s largest news organizations, the Associated Press, Reuters and AFP, all declined to cover the event over a dispute with Swedish state television (SVT) over video rights.

SVT wanted to release only short clips for 48 hours.  The news agencies wanted fuller access, as befits “an event of historical importance,” according to one AP letter.

So it seems that SVT, which devoted blanket coverage to the wedding for weeks, actually defined it not as news.  They probably did not mean to make this statement but it is an interesting one nonetheless, a real sign that a European monarchy does not even have symbolic political value but has tripped over completely to the lifestyle section.

Read the rest of this post here.

And a happy Midsummer to all!


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