Father’s Day, Alvin Greene, college football – a week outside daddyland

I’m going to try something new, a weekly roundup of what I’m writing elsewhere at The Faster Times, YourTango.com and other places.

Father’s Day in Sweden is in November, and then it’s not a very big deal. But for YourTango.com, I pretended I was back in the good ol’ US of A. And this Father’s Day, I don’t need a thing, thanks to co-parenting and, of course, my beautiful wife. Read the post here.  Here is an excerpt:

So do I insist that today is the day I mow the entire lawn? That seems weird. Do I just try and lay in the hammock? You know, she gives me that time already. When you co-parent like we do, it’s not such a burden to share sleep-ins and naps and hammock time. I can’t ask her to give me fancy gadgets. Choosing time and family over career and income may be the best thing I ever did, but it’s also had its unfortunate effects on the bank account.

At the Faster Times, I went all sports geeky and realigned all the major college football teams, in the midst of a huge fuss over schools switching conferences.  Do not ask me why I spent time on this.  Also do not ask me why I consider it some of the best spent time of the week.  Read about it here.  Below is the serious part of the post:

The news surrounding the potential realignment of college football – the disintegration of the Big 12, the expansion of the Pac-10 – flew faster than any other story out there – the oil spill, Central Asia, Afghanistan, you name it.   It is almost refreshing, the dropping of all pretense of academics.  This is a power grab, a money free for all, and there is not one college president out there who thinks that the Kansas swim team flying to Stanford for a league meet is good for the students.  Let’s not even get into the environmental aspect of big schools shipping kids all over the country on planes.

This is a moral-free zone.

And then I took on the stories of Alvin Greene, the unlikely Democratic candidate for the Senate in South Carolina and Gary Brooks Faulkner, the dying Colorado man who got caught in Pakistan on a mission to kill Osama bin Laden.  I tried to contrast them to more official – and impotent – efforts and officials.  Read about that here.

Greene and Faulkner are likely what they seem to be – somewhat sketchy guys caught out of their league.  I do not want to invest Greene with a “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” depth that he likely doesn’t have (though I hope he has it – imagine a real Senator who knew what life was like on the edges of South Carolina society).

And Faulkner is probably just unhinged, perhaps by religion, perhaps by his impending death.  I am actually surprised there have not been more people like him – bin Laden is a huge target with a big reward for his death.  Why not go and take him out?  In a way, this just reflects how much 9/11 failed to actually set American society on a war footing.  We’ve forgotten about that bin Laden guy in his cave.

This is probably a good thing.


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