my son is the mayor of the preschool yard

I have this problem with the Swedish parental leave system.  I always feel bad expressing because I’ve gained so much … but then I express it anyway.  I do not like that kids are essentially forced into daycare between 12 and 24 months.  You get the amazing parental leave but then, bam, back to work (even if at only 75% as is my right under Swedish law).

And I’ve had the feeling that Baby B was too small, that 19 months was too small for him.  I’ve just hoped that he would grow up fast, that what everyone says about 18-month-olds being a good age is true.

Then we took him to the preschool summer party today.  And the kid owned the yard.  He wandered high and low, leading with his still big belly, poking his head in playhouses, climbing over fences, getting hugged by bigger kids.

He even got a little loud, just yelling for the fun of it as he ran down a hill.

So maybe he is ready, and maybe he will love the forested yard at the daycare, and maybe he will thrive where he can sit in a sandbox for hours and wander in a bigger space and play with more people than his mother, father and sister.


He still got shy today.

He’s still my baby.

(Yes, this is what happens to men on paternity leave.)


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