becoming an expert on sandboxes in sweden while on paternity leave

I am an aficionado of the sandbox.  Stockholm is a city of small parks, and, without even trying, I can think of 10 sandboxes where we have played regularly.

I was in four sandboxes yesterday.

I know which few sandboxes have shade, and at what time of day.  I know what kind of trees shade those sandboxes.  This is important because the sand in a shady sandbox is not as clean, though it will be cooler and filled with the damp sand that is necessary for a proper sand frog, sand cake or sand castle.

Not that it matters with a 16-month-old, for whom destruction of said sand creations is one of the great joys of life.

I know which sand boxes are frequented by daycare kids.  With a bigger kid, I used to chase the “day moms” and their broods, desperate for someone for NK to play with.  Now, with a smaller and more shy boy, I avoid them because the kids will just take the sand toys and Baby B will get quiet – though this is changing fast so maybe I need to shift once again.

I know which sandboxes come with toys and which are empty.  Which have stones and which do not.

I thought for a while that I was pushing Baby B into the sandboxes because I like them so much.  But no.  He likes them more, pulling out the sand toys even in the middle of the mall, looking to dig in a planter.


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