why does the swedish royal wedding turn me off?

My latest post from YourTango.com:

On June 19, Swedish Crown Princess Victoria will marry Daniel Westling, a commoner and personal trainer turned, literally, into a prince. This is the event of the higher-end European social calendar, and Stockholm will be flooded by thousands and thousands of people. You can already buy Victoria and Daniel cards, chocolates and keychains at just about every corner store.

This marriage is a fairy tale that everyone I know—my very egalitarian wife included—has embraced. So why am I so turned off? I think it’s because I have a little girl now, and I want her to be Pippi Longstocking, not Crown Princess Victoria.

I know my wife wants a Pippi instead of a princess, too. After all, she is the one who opened my eyes to the flood of princessy pink that fills places like Babies ‘R Us and said, “No.” So my girl does not dress like a princess. She does not fantasize about princesses, even if—when she showed up at daycare with a princess purse that slipped through my net—some older girls swooned with envy. But now I’m supposed to accept all this froth over a princess?

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2 thoughts on “why does the swedish royal wedding turn me off?

  1. It’s the guys creepy smile. My god, it could scare a grizzly bear.

  2. Once they go Disney princess crazy it is hard to put a damper or limits on it, that is for sure. At 3 and a half when we moved to Sweden my girl asked for a princess room, and I knew she meant with a capitol D. Thinking I was still being indulgent, I offered “how about a room fit for a princess with a drape y bed and and such?”, trying to avoid infiltration. She promptly responded in a dire voice -“you are not letting me be ME, you are trying to make me a grown up, and I am a kid! And I like princesses!” She was right, I simply did not want the stuff in my house. What radar they have for parental resistance. So Santa brought a Disney princess duvet and sheets, and grandma provided curtains and wallhooks. When asked what she loves about the princesses, not having seen any of the movies, she says they are beautiful and kind to children .?. I grew up in Florida near Disney, and it was my lens for deconstructing culture, I wrote papers on the archetypes of Disney characters for Womens Studies classes in college, and my kid is Disney Princess crazy. The marketing is way less pervasive here in Sweden than in the USA, count it as a blessing. And as for real princess madness, I think with out the pink and purple and glitter, princesses do not hold so much appeal. At least she became interested in learning to play cards thanks to the Disney deck she received as a gift. I am pretty sure her psyche will make it out intact, but I look forward to taking down the room decor sometime. Barefoot Books offer some good story books featuring princesses worth aspiring to become. And anything that allows them to play with the power of wishing and believing, and using their thoughts as their own ally, I am all for as well.

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