the second year the summer house falls apart

Last year we decided to buy a summer cottage – with no water – instead of buying a bigger apartment.   And it was magic.  We had big plans for this spring too, to be up here in March, for most of my parental leave.

Then it snowed all winter.  We are north of Stockholm across some snow line too, so there was lots of snow until late April.  Not so good with children this small – with the bathroom in the barn, with stoves burning and a freezing house.

Then the bathroom sprung a leak, covering it with mold.  Four weeks later, the contractor says the room still is not dry.

So we didn’t come up.  And then we got busy in the city.  We had to buy a small port-a-potty.  It sat in a big box in the corner of our small apartment.

Finally, we came up on Sunday.  And the fence had fallen down, and a fallen gutter hung across the front door.  We decided not to even open the little playhouse for fear of mold (we are going to tear it down now).

The honeymoon is over.  And today I have both kids for 12 hours as E had to go into Stockholm for her summer job.  That’s a long day with a mosquito-bite covered baby and a toddler who wants to sprint into the forest.

And, you know what?  I don’t care.

We have a lawn and I have a kid asleep in one room and another digging in the dirt outside the window.  The sun is shining though it is cold for June, at least for me.



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