how we took off the baby weight together

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I had a lot of sympathy for my wife when she was pregnant. And I proved it at the dinner table, at the lunch buffet and at Sunday brunch. There was no third serving I could not justify, no chocolate cake that I would not share to soothe her pregnancy cravings.

The comfort eating brought us together at the beginning. It was something we could do together. We loved to find new buffets and new brunches and got a kick out of how much we could eat there. I like to tell people that I gained sympathy weight during these times, though I suspect it was actually just “feeling justified to eat as much crap as I want” weight. And as good as it felt to eat together, our unhealthy eating habits began making us individually unhappy.

So after we had our second kid, we decided that it was time to face the scales and take off the baby weight. My wife started it. She did a ton of research and settled upon the G.I. (Glycemic Index) Diet. I did my own research and came up with a thrown-together combo of the G.I. Diet and the South Beach Diet. I called it the “Eating Less Crap and More Vegetables” Diet.

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