watch my baby blossom on parental leave in sweden

My son walked down a subway platform on Saturday waving to everyone and saying, “Bye bye!”

This was charming.  This was cute.  This was totally unexpected.

Baby B has so far been a shy child, the child who does not want the stuffed monkey to say hello to him at song time at open preschool.

Then he walked and found freedom.  Then he got really sick.  Then he finally got better.  And now he is blossoming.

At least in public.  For we have seen the wild and crazy Baby B from the beginning.

But this is my point.  I am on paternity leave.  So I knew that private Baby B minute-by-minute, the way he goes from screams to laughs and back in about five seconds.  And I have been there for all those times he turned away from the monkey at song time.

And now I was there when he walked down the subway platform saying “Bye-bye” to strangers.

I can’t describe how it is different that I am the home parent.  I would never ever ever in a million years say that I was not as close to his big sister when she was this age (I was off with her when she was older).  I would never say that I am closer to my son than any other father is to his kids.

But still … it is special to be around this boy 24 hours a day and hold his hand while he comes into his toddler own.


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