spring cleaning creates space in our apartment and my soul

The long winter finally paid a dividend.  It has barred us from our summer cottage, where there is still snow on the ground.  That has kept us cooped up in our little north-facing apartment, which shrunk by the day with two kids and stuff piling up in the corners.

So we cleaned.  With an easy winter and a warm spring, we do not clean.

The cleaning was a revelation too.  We threw away bags and bags of stuff, which I do not miss.  We rearranged furniture and achieved excellent feng shui in the bedroom, which I thought was impossible.  We dumped almost all our plastic toys, as we are newly converted to a less-plastic life for our kids and their chemical balance.

But the true insight was into space.  We have space now, and even if it will disappear quickly, it gave me a glimpse of life without children, of an apartment that does not have to be hyper-organized, of a place where I could lay in bed all day and look at trees and sense an openness.

Then a baby crashed into my leg, and laughed, and I did not care about the space.

But it was a good vision still.

My wife – on the other hand – says it was a vision of a bigger apartment, with an extra 200 square feet.

But we can’t go there while we are in Daddyland …


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