new reader investigations at the faster times

On the day that the best investigative reporter I know is leaving the field, I am sticking my toes back in.  I am now the editor for “Reader Investigations” at The Faster Times, where I also write the Big News column three times a week.

It has nothing to do with Daddyland, but the investigations are quirky and cool.   Here is a description:

Welcome to our first TFT Reader Investigation. Reader Investigations are a two-part process. First, we want to learn which of several topics our readers are most interested in investigating. Once we’ve chosen a topic, we’ll assign an experienced Faster Times reporter to work with all of you to find answers. Our reporter will guide the investigation, pose questions, and update everyone. But, as you can see from the topics we’re voting on, these are huge stories. We’re really counting on our readers to research, send us tips, and discuss the next steps in the comments.

Our three topics are genetically modified organisms, nanoparticles and generic and store brand foods.  You get a full description on the site.

So please go here, and vote!


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