designed to provoke jealousy about my paternity leave

This is just a brief scene, meant to drive home how very cool paternity leave is and why everyone should be fighting for it wherever they live.

Today I cleaned our balcony while my 14-month-old son played with dry leaves and splashed in a flower pot filled with melted snow.

Today we walked to an empty playground, and he made me sing Itsy Bitsy Spider about 10 times.

Today he started pulling on his sweatshirt like a macho boxer, the first time he has demanded to take off clothes.

Today I chased my son for the first time, the little guy toddling away and howling with laughter.

Today he rode a seesaw for the first time.

Today his older sister started tickling him on the walk home from her daycare.  He giggled for more than a minute.

Today I read three New Yorker articles sitting in the sand and the sun.

Today was a good day in Daddyland.

If you don’t respond to that list, that’s fine.

Have a nice day at work.


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