the injuries of attachment parenting

We like to think we are attachment parents, particularly when it comes to baby sleep.  We co-sleep, and what is more, our 14-month-old is learning to walk, meaning he walks in his sleep, meaning he still needs me to hold him in the middle of the night to keep him asleep.  I also have to rock him to sleep for all his naps and other night wakings.  I also slept with him on my arm quite often.

And my arm hurts.  Like really hurts.   E thinks I have a repetitive stress injury and wants me to go to a physical therapist.

I’ve had all sorts of other baby injuries – mostly a sore back (the worst was bouncing NK to sleep on an exercise ball) – but every parent is bending and lifting and carrying, right?

This is different.  This is a strain from his head resting on my bicep, from the bouncing and rocking, as he gets heavier and heavier, and laying down with him on my arm.

I keep hoping that he will settle down once he learns to walk.  It is my mantra through the long nights.

But meanwhile, maybe I do need to see that physical therapist.  Or look up stretches online.

Do you think they have workman’s comp in Daddyland?

I need a healthy right arm too.  How else will I play catch with my American kids?


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