a voice mail from baby is a window into Daddyland

I got a little outside perspective on my life in Daddyland the other day – from myself.

See, this life on paternity leave is so different from my alternative American lives, and I think it is so important, and I write about it so much here, and I am trying to figure out a magazine pitch and maybe book proposal.  So I play up the drama and the difference.

Then I got a voice mail on my mobile phone.  No one ever leaves me voice mail.

It was from us.  Baby B had called my phone when playing with the home phone.  With our lousy coverage, my phone never rang.

So I listened to a couple minutes of life in Daddyland and learned two things:  how different my life is now from when I work, and how slow life with baby can be.  And I also understand why I stare a little blankly when people tell me I should be writing a book proposal.  How do you get beyond page 3?

Here goes:

Daddy:  Hey, good job!

Silence.  Rustling.

Daddy:  Hey!


Daddy:  What’s that?  Do I have a sock on my nose?


Daddy:  Ohhhhh, what’s wrong my buddy.

Silence.  Clicking.  Rustling.

Daddy and Baby B both laugh.

Silence.  Clicking.  Shuffling.

The End.


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