the new york times in san francisco, us in san francisco

The Frugal Traveler in the New York Times took a trip with his 13-month-old to San Francisco in January.  He stayed in a Victorian in the Mission and wanders here and there and does all these different child-friendly activities, even in a month of torrential downpour.

Whew.  We were also in San Francisco in January.  Our 11-month-old came down with a persistent fever, so E barely left our colorful, cozy hotel in the Marina, but did get to look a small piece of skyline above the roof.  Baby B was so fussy one night that I spent four hours wandering the Marina in two different shifts – yeah, I was that guy with the sling and still wearing a nose strip when you were coming out of the trendy, yuppie bar – though I also found doughnut heaven at 4:30 in the morning with a wasted baby still awake in our stroller (Yeah, he looks like a wreck, said the doughnut guy.)

Then when it rained too much I walked around and around the courtyard of our hotel, up levels and down levels.  That was a different night.  There were three nights.

NK and I did manage breakfast with my uncle (he poked his head in to meet the screaming baby) and a wonderful walk down the Marina Green with friends while NK played in the damp sand and we almost made it to the Palace of Fine Arts … but not quite, and then ate Italian food – after E and Baby B went back to the colorful room for more nursing and not sleeping.

Oh, we did also drive off the big San Francisco roads once or twice, as we fled for Palo Alto and more friends.  And I mentioned to E that the Mission existed.  And we owned a Victorian in upstate New York, so that was, like, so old news.  And we talked and talked about what we could divine of the the San Francisco spirit from the rain and the skyline and the fog.


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