Ice skating in the slush in the Daddyland Olympics

My second cousin Johnny Spillane just won three silver medals in the Olympics in Vancouver.  How awesome is that.  Our common great grandparents – Hungarian immigrants Mihaly and Erszebet Hegedus – would no doubt be proud and a little bewildered, as they were farmers from the flatlands of what is now northern Serbia.

Anyway, hoping to pick up the family winter sports flame, I walked off Saturday to our nearby lake to ice skate .. for the fourth time in 20 years, with two of those times coming the past two weeks.  The city plows a beautiful long oval on the lake and for a California boy there remains a real thrill to walking where only the geese swim come April.

I sloshed out to the oval, over slush on ice.  It was “warm,” meaning above freezing, and snow melts on warm days.  There were cracks in the ice and small round holes with water either bubbling up or draining out.

I skated anyway – the only one on the ice – through standing water, stomping through slush, sliding blades into cracks.  Finally my trust in Solna city and their ice judgment faded, and I panicked and walked – in my skates – through the slush and off the ice.

I am ready for the Sochi 2014.  I am thinking short track speed skating.

But I would have a better chance at the following paternity leave events – the national sports of Daddyland, so to speak.  These four are under consideration by the IOC for the games in Sochi, Russia.

1.  One-handed slushy stroller push

2.  Slush/puddle stroller obstacle course, with walking toddler

3.  Toddler/baby inside the apartment during Swedish winter endurance event

4.  Lost mitten backtracking chase


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