Daddyland is the calm in the Swedish storm

I hear that Stockholm was a mess today – temperature in negative (fahrenheit) numbers (-22 Celsius), the roads a mess, the public transportation spotty at best.  The authorities called for people to stay home, and the best I way I could think of getting to my job this morning would have been by snowshoe or reindeer sleigh.  (And I do not even want to think about being a newspaper reporter on a day like today.  The ink freezes in your pen, you get stuck wandering K-Mart looking for quotes on the snow, you slide your crappy Dodge Neon all over the road in some sort of freaking commitment to local news.)

But I only heard all that, or remembered.  Because I had none of it.  I walked a toddler to daycare and left her to play (apparently happily) in temperatures that made my face hurt.  The sun was out, and she said it was too bright.  Then I walked home.

Then I tried to go out with the baby.  Except we had to change diapers and fuss a little, and by the time I had him bundled up, with only his little nose sticking out of his new puffy jacket, hat and hood, … he fell asleep 100 yards down the road.

I went home.  I did have to put him back to sleep a couple times though.  Whew.  It was rough.  I felt a little chilled in my shorts and t-shirt.

Then E came home, just in time for me to pick up NK without subjecting the baby to the cold again.  I was early, so I beat the parent crows, waltzed in to story time, and basked in toddler rock stardom.

Toddlers just love parents that come early.  Not just mine.  All of them.  Some pointed to Norah.  Some pointed at me.  They all stopped to gaze upon my beneficent wonderfulness at picking my child up early.  NK ran to me, almost jumped into her clothes and talked the whole way home in cold that made my hands hurt in my winter gloves.

She refused to wear any.  Too busy to notice.

Then I spent hours with two small children in a small apartment.  E came home from an appointment.  We had hot dogs, talked to Grandma and Grandpa, watched the Wiggles, wrestled on the bed, cried, laughed, drank some decaf, and finally went to sleep.

As I said, though, I hear it was real rough out there in Stockholm today.


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