i got nerves of steel at naptime

To build on my last post about the heroics of parenting …

Scene 1 – A man lies on a bed next to a sleeping baby.  A sick toddler home from daycare sleeps on the couch in the next room.  All is well.  But then, for some reason, the man decides to get up to check on the toddler.

The baby wakes.  Screams.  The toddler wakes.  Screams.  The man dissolves in a flood of tears.

Scene 2 – The next day.  A baby sleeps on a bed.  A toddler is happily playing.  A man – randomly obsessed with finding a flashlight – moves the couch.  It hits the toddler’s foot.  Screams.  The baby wakes.  Screams.

Cut to a montage of nightmarish horror – wandering thed snowy night in despair, a random beating, drug abuse, Russian roulette.

Scene 3  – The next day.  Are our hero’s nerves shot?  Can he survive yet another blow?  Cut to multiple screens.  With a “24”-style clock.

A baby sleeps on a bed.  A toddler watches Dora the Explorer.  The baby wakes and screams.  The man runs in and starts rocking the baby back to sleep.  At the same time, he can hear the Dora episode winding down.  Dora has brought the moon to the queen and king, becoming a true princess.  The toddler will yell when it ends.  The baby’s eyes flutter.  Can the man get the baby to sleep in time?  Can he keep calm doing it?  Can he resist from trying to communicating with the toddler?

Yes!  The baby is tucked under a blanket just as Dora winds up.

But what will the toddler’s mood be?  Cranky?  Loud?

The man gets the toddler to sleep … just before the baby wakes up again.

The baby goes back to sleep again.

Then the toddler coughs herself awake.  The man comforts her.  They play.  Happy.

The baby wakes up.


Jack Bauer has got nothing on our hero.


One thought on “i got nerves of steel at naptime

  1. The little victories are all we’ve got sometimes. I definitely can hear that Jack Bauer clock ticking, especially when you’ve put the baby down and are trying to tiptoe out of the room when he might wake up and start screaming with one loud footfall. Epic.

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