no escaping jet lag with small children

You do not rush jet lag with a toddler and a baby, at least not ours. There are no strategies. You cannot turn a nap into night sleep, you just end up awake for three hours in the deepest part of the night. Nope, their little bodies shift at their own pace, slowed by the faint Swedish light and the cold that keeps them inside and not out.

It is always harder coming east too. When we go west, they just get up at 1am, 2am, 3am and you start your day earlier and that is fine. Maybe it is because I am more a morning person, but having two kids up until 1am is less fun. Those sporadic late night naps are the worst. Then I wake up at 10am sort of panicked that the day is done, which it is not, of course.

The kids are quite happy, of course. They do not know. They just play into the night, and after five weeks off together and with family and friends, they play quite in harmony, with lots of laughter. We go to the library, the store, and we turn on music to dance after everything closes.

We shudder a bit at the cold because we are not used to it. And the apartment seems really small. I think we were away too long and our sense of space shifted, though now it is shifting back again and I do not feel like we own a fine two bedroom closet.

And I want to stop complaining because we are coming out of a glorious happy five weeks. Sun, pool, playing, travel, football, grandma and grandpa, lots of Dora the Explorer and so on. It was beautiful in the more delicate, rare sense of the word. So I apologize to any and all who had to suffer the Swedish dark … or had to work the past month.

But that is likely why we are a bit let down. We had it that good. Well, that and the cold and the dark and the jet lag, the creeping won’t go away jet lag.


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