rage against the (daycare) machine

I have learned over the years that simple competence is nothing to be overrated. You get far by doing the basic things, which always comes as a surprise, at least to me, but then your milk-allergic daughter is served milk at her daycare again, and, well, you understand that simple competence is nothing to be overrated.

After the first episode, almost two months ago now, the daycare administration made all sorts of claims – special table for NK, professional training, a staff member assigned to NK for meals, blah, blah.

Well, it turns out they only meant lunch, not afternoon snack. No staff member assigned to her then. And they posted a new allergy list on the wall – leaving out her egg allergy. Then last week, someone put a glass of cow milk at her place. She picked up the glass and put it to her lips. A teacher stopped her at the last second, but also terrified her.

Luckily for us, E was actually in the building when this happened (what do you think the chances are we would have heard about this otherwise?) She and NK ended up at the hospital all afternoon and evening, as they made sure NK did not drink too much milk. She did not, but was too upset to tell us.

So now what? We have heard next to nothing from the daycare or the city. NK has not gone back, even for morning play. We are trying to get her in private daycare. We are demanding meetings with high ups in the city, demanding that the daycare be reorganized. We are debating whether or not to go to the media, to consult a lawyer.

This all comes down to a stupid plan that left six teachers supervising 36 kids in some big group chaos theory of education. They can’t keep track of anything in that system, much less a stray glass of milk. It is dangerous for all the kids – all for a lack of competence.


2 thoughts on “rage against the (daycare) machine

  1. Iza!
    Ring mig. Fredag är jag iväg hela dagen – har just kommit hem från Åsele. Men lördag förmiddag om du har tid.
    08 626 59 30
    eller 070 243 25 25

  2. Oh no. Not. Again. Nathan, I think perhaps you would do good in going to the media with this. Not only will you put pressure on those responsible for ensuring these things never happen but you will be doing a public service and a service to those who have found themselves in similar situations. It’s all about generating awareness. I am so terribly sorry to hear this but I truly believe you can affect some positive change here with your story. All the best!

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