the zen of the sandbox

Why do more parents not like the sandbox?

I do not know. I see them sitting up on benches, and I want to invite them down.

Come, I want to say. Come down with me. Take a shovel. Take a plastic sea horse. Take a rake.

Dig. Fill a bucket. Make a sand sea horse. Watch your toddler destroy it with glee.

I lose myself in the sandbox (parents in sweden spend much time in parks and in sandboxes, more than in america, I think. it has to do with city neighborhoods and sprawling suburbs, I think). Or the slide. Or on the swings (sometimes my daughter insists on pushing me … really).

I could write a self-help book about this.

Just remember to share. And do not destroy the toddler’s sea horse unless you know she will laugh (a calculated risk, I know).


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