a globalized, not midsummer, swedish baby boom

Traditionally, there are lots of Swedish babies born in late March, about nine months after Midsummer, that night of parties and dancing deep into the long, long Swedish summer night.  It is a holiday born of the seasons and the light and rooted in thousands of years of tradition.

But Sweden has a new baby boom month.  August.  Why August?  According to an article in Metro, in Swedish, it is due to winter vacations in Thailand.

Couples head to Thailand desperate for sun and to escape the Swedish dark winter.  And the sun, the time off and a beer on the beach are perfect for baby making, according to a top maternity official at a Stockholm hospital.

It is a serious baby boom too, with hospitals taking on extra staff.  There are 300 more births predicted for this August than last at the hospital where our son was born.

However, spring still reigns, meaning Midsummer does.

And, if I think about it, a Thailand trip is sort of an anti-Midsummer, an equally strong primal response to the swing of seasons in the far north.


One thought on “a globalized, not midsummer, swedish baby boom

  1. Ha! I knew the Swedes were up to naughty things in January, and in Thailand.

    I know when I lived in NY, the baby boom month was August because of the winters. Makes sense, more wintertime…more baby months 9 months later.

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