the freedom of not going to the country

We own a summer house now, which seems so posh that I keep thinking up new Facebook status updates then rejecting them out of a fear of looking snobby.

And the house will really pay off this Midsummer weekend. Because we are not going to it.

It is so beautiful. It is supposed to rain this weekend, and we do not want to be stuck inside, with bags and boxes to organize, unable to do the dishes or go to the bathroom without getting soaked in cold drizzle (the house has no water inside).

So we are choosing the comforts of home. Happily.

Now without the summer house, Midsummer in Solna would have been a confining, dreary affair. We would have stressed about where to go, stressed about having nowhere to go, felt trapped by our lack of network, all that.

That is all gone. We could always hop on a train north to the house, to family. We just choose not to. We can go next week.

And with a seven-week Swedish summer holiday thanks to the Swedish state and its world-best parental leave policies, we will.


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