sports curses streaming to sweden

I am a San Francisco Giants fan.  For about four years now, they have been a terrible baseball team.

Then this year, they seemed only mediocre.  And after almost two years in Sweden, I have started missing American stuff.  For instance, I am eating oatmeal every morning, something that I have not done since I was, oh, seven.  My peanut butter consumption has skyrocketed.

And I have decided to focus more.  I want to go deeper into styles of music, to read deeper into authors, to really watch one baseball team, instead of taking the random smattering of ESPN America.

What do I care about the Milwaukee Brewers?

So I signed up at to get every game streamed into my computer, both TV and radio.  The games are all archived, but, see, this was the beauty — West Coast games are still playing when I get up early in the morning in Sweden with my two kids.

I love listening to baseball on the radio.  And watching the ninth inning of a close game is always fun.

I remember standing outside in the Balkan winter to pick up scratchy in and out NFL playoff games from Armed Forces Radio.  This internet thing is … well, revolutionary.

But there is a hitch.  I am cursed.  Forget Boston or Chicago that have or have had cursed teams.  I am more like Cleveland or Seattle, cursed cities that never ever see a championship (and get no press for it either).  And I like teams from Buffalo to San Francisco in four sports.

Losers all.

I signed up at though, and the first day I got up at 5:30am and watched the end of a Twins-Tigers game.  My parents are from Detroit, and I like the Tigers, even if they are not my team.

What happens?  Some guy hits a walkoff grand slam for the Twins in the 13th inning.

Then I started watching Giants’ games.  They are 1-5 since then.

And I missed the victory.

I saw the bullpen blow huge leads against the Mets.  I saw starting pitchers get rocked.  I saw lots and lots of weak pop ups and double plays from my weak hitting team.

And the last two mornings I have woken up only to watch some burly no name (yes, I know he is perfect his year, but so what, it is May) from the San Diego Padres – who are terrible – blow very fast but not unhittably fast fastballs past every Giant.  It is like me in the 3rd grade out there (hint – I was hitless that year.  I got better in the 4th grade).

I want to throw the computer against the wall.  I am subjecting my children to borderline language and defeatist attitudes, and first thing in the morning at that.

Why do I watch?

I want to apologize to all San Francisco Giant fans for the recent losing spell.  Maybe I should cancel my subscription or let it run out after a month.

But I have this craving for baseball.  And I want to again get to know one team really well, like when I was a kid in the mid-80s.

And the Giants sucked then too.


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