keep babies looking back

Toddlers are five times more likely to die or be seriously injured in car seats if they face forward, according to a new study.  This was in an article today in Dagens Nyheter, the biggest Swedish paper.

Despite this injury rate, 59 percent of Swedish parents keep their three and four year olds facing forward.

This is apparently not new news.  Read a 2005 MSNBC story on the subject here.

Children should face backwards until they are about 50 pounds, or 24 kilograms, the story says.  Toddlers’ heads are much heavier in proportion to their bodies than adults.  So they should not be in a position to lurch forward in case of a crash.

We have always kept NK facing backwards, even though she hated the car seat for long stretches, because we had the vague sense that this was true, that we had heard it somewhere.

And since she is pretty far from 50 pounds, she has a long future of looking out the back …


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