when daddy is the car

There are car babies and there are babies that hate the car.

Our toddler hated the car, screamed and screamed, though she eventually learned to fall asleep on long rides.  But to take her for a drive to get her to sleep at night?  Unthinkable.

Our new baby would be a car baby, I think.  He has trouble with his late afternoon naps, the world becoming a bit too bright and loud for his tired mind.  And he loves a bumpy ride and constant motion.

Except we have no car.

But we do have a carriage.  And we do have a father who can push the carriage for hours at a time through his neighborhood, around the nearby lake, up the hill to the blue Stalinist housing projects.

I know the benefits – I have plenty of unexpected alone time to ponder them – I am getting in better shape, I can listen to my own music, I get that unexpected alone time.

But I miss my toddler too.  And I walked into two rainstorms the other day.  And the sense that I have to go out every … single … night, well, that is not ideal.

So I was as happy as anyone that the baby fell asleep with Mamma on our big bed in a quiet bedroom this evening while Daddy watched In the Night Garden with the toddler.

But I am all geared up for the baby’s spin around the block tomorrow …


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