toys get tiny, and a small apartment becomes huge

There is a clear benefit to living in less than 500 square feet — things do not stay lost.

At least until today. For months now, our toddler has obsessed about a collection of “things”  – they change daily, and now fill up about three containers on top of her bookshelf.

Then yesterday she came home from a friend’s house with a tiny Lego man with a tiny Lego hat.  And a tiny Lego watering can.

The moment I saw the hat, I became afraid.  I knew this hat held great power over me.  I begged the hat to stay with its Lego man.

This morning, the hat was gone.   And NK remembers things like this now.  And she wanted the hat, no screaming, just laying on the floor sort of moaning.  And we could not get out of the door into one of only 12 nice days in the Swedish year until we found the hat.

The tiny, tiny hat.

But the hat stayed lost, so we gave NK a shot of whiskey and told her to suck it up (Oh, great and powerful Swedish social service, that was a joke).  The Lego man was sad too.

Then out at the playground, E shook a blanket in the baby’s stroller.  And out flew the hat.  NK jumped and screamed and grabbed the hat … and immediately ran into the sandbox.

My life flashed before my eyes.


2 thoughts on “toys get tiny, and a small apartment becomes huge

  1. ahhhh…. love it!! You add great humor to the everyday!!

  2. ooops – was signed in on the wrong account – not cateringallt most days.

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