this is my land and my california girl

I played the original Woody Guthrie version of This Land is Your Land for NK the other day.  And we have now listened to it about 50 times, and I have to sing “reading” the lyrics from a letter – in Swedish – sent home from her daycare.

This land is your land, this land is my land, from California, to the New York island …

Yesterday, while holding a meditation CD in her hand, NK pointed at a swirling design and said, “California!”

I immediately started to cry.  I grew up in California. Her cousins live in California.  Someday I hope she lives in California.

My girl said “California” !!!!

Then she stared up at me, and said, “Det är mitt land,” which is “This is my land,” in Swedish.

And I said to her, “You just made Daddy so happy,” and I picked her up and hugged her.

And she squirmed and yelled, “Stop Daddy!”

So I put her down, and she danced off, oblivious.

She said Calfornia!!

Other tidbits that I would “tweet” if I actually used my Twitter account:

A major Swedish bank announced a great 0 % interest rate on its savings accounts.  Now that is a way to draw in customers!

And how do you tell the toddler dad?  It is the guy walking home alone with a doll bassinet (with doll inside wrapped in a blanket) swinging on his arm, hoping the construction workers don’t look at him too closely.


3 thoughts on “this is my land and my california girl

  1. Hey you did get a twitter account then did you? Are you going to share?

  2. and again – was signed in on wrong account.

  3. I am on Twitter. And I even have people following me though I have never written one thing! However, I am also on parental leave for the moment, and negotiating two kids means no time to tweet …

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