circling the stroller parking lot

This picture more or less sums up the daily difference between my life in Sweden and my former life in the New York exurbs.


This is the stroller parking lot at our local children’s clinic.

Here are the differences.

1. We have a local children’s clinic, which we go to for free, and where BT got only one shot for about five vaccines, where in Port Jervis, NK got five shots for the same vaccines.  Less shots are good.

2.  The clinic has a parking area for strollers.

3.  The parking area is full of real, honest-to-god strollers, not a travel system to be seen.

In Orange County, New York, we had two pediatricians.  The first was walkable but he had no room for our stroller (people thought we were either adorable or freaks) and no toys.  The second had a fine waiting room but the offices were essentially in a medical strip mall, accessible only by car, conveniently located at the intersection of two major highways.

I like my current life better.


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