sweden just seems so safe

I do not read the news in any depth, beyond my morning newspaper, which is in Swedish and focuses on, of all things, Sweden.

So I just catch headlines here and there, swine flu, Mexico, warnings.  It echoes around, but then I stare at the rabbit that hangs out on a little shelf on the boulder outside the window.

Then I see a new headline that the swine flu is in New York City, and we used to live real close to New York City, and now there are words like pandemic.

And I get really really happy that I live in the far north, technically on the Eurasian land mass but bascially surrounded by water, with an overprotective government watching over me.

Now I know that all it takes is one sick person on one plane into Stockholm.  I know the world is flat and pandemics tend to flow even up to Scandinavia, especially in the winter when all gets damp and cold and everyone is sick already.  I also know that the world financial pandemic once seemed far away too, only to eventually wreak all sorts of havoc here (Saab has essentially stopped making cars, for instance).

But it is spring, and the weather is warm, and I live way up in the far north, reading the headlines, not living them.  And as I go off to sleep next to a fussy baby, just done putting a wound up toddler to sleep, that seems just fine.


One thought on “sweden just seems so safe

  1. Nate — Keep up the good work. Great to hear about you and your family.

    Your recent posts refer to a rabbit or hare living nearby. We have both not far from where I live. I thought you might appreciate the following .

    Good luck house-hunting/watching.

    Best, Chip

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