in search of a small square of grass

We live in a small apartment, one that only gets smaller each day as our two children get bigger, and we acculmulate more stuff.

We do not want to leave.  Partiallly out of some pride in making it work – we talk a lot about people in the 19th century living 10 to a room, that sort of stuff.

But mostly we do not want to leave because we love Råsunda, our neighborhood in Solna, our city just outside Stockholm.  We love the picturesque main road, the park across the street, the mall, the trains and buses (we do not love the soccer stadium and the drunken fans).  We love our daughter’s daycare with its yard of rocks and hills and forest.

So we came upon a way to make it work.  The children (and their toys) will get the big bedroom, we will get the small one.  That should buy us a year or two.

Still, for all the treehouse fun of our balcony, and the hare that lives outside our window, we want grass, we want a yard, we want a patio.

And we do not have one million dollars to buy a house here.

So we are hunting Råsunda for ground floor apartments with private patios with lawns.  E found five a few weeks ago.  We walk by just to gawk.  Then today, on a day out of a perfect Swedish summer, with a baby sleeping and a drowsy toddler, we wandered the streets looking for more.

And we found them too.  Maybe 10.

Now we have something to keep an eye out for, not a condo in the suburbs, not a small apartment in the concrete downtown (no matter how nice the view), not a house south of Stockholm 90 minutes from my job.

No, we want these apartments in our neighborhood in our town.


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