to india … for the day

I am flying to Delhi tomorrow.  It will take almost 12 hours.  I will sleep, get up, take a cab to pick up a photographer then travel almost an hour to an office.  There, I will wait for a few hours then get to talk to a man for … one hour.

Then my job is done.  Kill time, see Delhi for the afternoon in the 109 degree heat, then take the red eye home to my wife and two kids.

It is such a strange trip that I have no pre-impressions.  I hate leaving Sweden in the spring, I hate leaving my family right now, with the new baby and all.

I read that Delhi is essentially like the Houston of India, and I want to dismiss it, but then I realize I haven’t even been to Houston, and it would probably be fascinating for a day.

So, for the first time, I will be a business traveler sailing from airplane to taxi to luxury hotel to office and back.

And then I hope that my old backpacker spirit returns for the afternoon, for tramping around a gritty metropolis in the brutal heat.


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