the momentum of a sunny day

Yesterday was so beautiful, and we were so inspired by the sun and the blue sky and our time by the sandbox, that we got all ready again today.  The weather was supposedly not as good, but still OK.

And it rained.  And it was cold.  And we stayed out, because we had the momentum of yesterday.  And this was good for NK, good for the baby, good for us too to get out of our tiny apartment filled with things thrown on the floor by a toddler.

This is the value of the sun in Sweden.  It lasts for days.

We had another sign of spring later – the first soccer game at the nearby national stadium.  The lads started drinking and singing early, and E said that they peed outside our window just on schedule (I was at the Hard Rock Cafe eating a burger and drinking a Coke).

Ahh, the joys of European soccer leagues …


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